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Beckie Bisase

Beckie Bisase photo

Beckie has been teaching, performing & choreographing dance for 7 years.

She was originally taught by Berg Dias & currently teaches with his Latinmania dance Company. Beckie is a UK Alliance professionally qualified dance instructor & has a background in Performing Arts- acting, dancing & choreographing for a number of London based Brazilian Groups.

She has worked internationally in theatre, schools and for corporate companies such as Bloomberg & is the Entertainments Executive for the Ladies & Gentlemen Club (leading African Community Club in London).

Beckie with her brother & dance partner Samson are the Lambada UK Champions, 2001. She taught him lambada and he is now recognised as one of the top male dancers & performers in London. Born & raised in Africa Beckie has a natural resonance with the music we use today to dance Lambada- (Zouklove), she has an innate flare & passion for dance & is experienced in a variety of styles including Samba, African Dance, Axe, Afro & Street Jazz.

Her patient & calm persona together with clear articulation make her a very effective & talented teacher. She has a unique glide in her style as she moves to the rhythm of the music. In Brazil she is likened to a "Pequena Borboleta" (little butterfly).